Maksab Group is a dynamic multinational business and family owned enterprise with a consistent record of growth and innovation

Our History

MAKSAB Group is a dynamic, multinational business and family owned enterprise which was founded in Kuwait in 2013.

From one retail store in Kuwait in 2013, we now operate over 4,000 shopping, dining and leisure destinations.

We reach millions of customers in markets across the Middle East & North Africa, Russia, Turkey, Europe and beyond.

Our Experience

MAKSAB Group has a proven 7-years track record of delivering great brands to customers across multiple markets and sectors.

Discover brands across Fashion & Footwear, Food, Health & Beauty, Pharmacy, Optics, Home Furnishings, Leisure & Entertainment, and Hospitality.

Our brands’ dedicated management teams drive a consistent customer experience and operational standards across all markets.


Our operations are supported by experienced local teams with high operational standards and a sophisticated infrastructure.

Our Regional and Local Distribution Centres handle over 700 million units a year - from caviar to cosmetics, from t-shirts and sofas to locally produced dairy products.

We have specialist teams at our core, including IT, HR, Property and Supply Chain, to provide world-class support and management systems across the business.


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World-class Management

With a proven 7-years track record of international brand franchising across different markets and sectors, Maksab's management team has wide expertise and knowledge, gained working with some of the world’s leading retail, food, leisure and hospitality brands.

We are set up to support the mutual needs of our business and those of our brand partners. Under the guidance and leadership of our Executive Chairman, the business is led by our Chief Executive Officer. Brands have dedicated management in place, with strong regional teams in every market to drive consistent operational standards and share best practice across all markets.

Cross-border functional teams including HR, Finance, Property, Logistics, IT, Marketing and Customer Service provide specialist support and consistency of reporting and services in key areas. Whilst structures vary by region, a focus on common policies, metrics and reporting systems provide an enterprise-wide view of performance.

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